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Dry block (well)
temperature calibrators


Portable metal block temperature calibrators as a controlled temperature source for temperature comparison calibrations.

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What is temperature calibration with a metal block temperature calibrator?

What is temperature calibration with a metal block temperature calibrator?

The test item (temperature measuring instruments of all types, e.g. dial thermometers, glass thermometers, resistance thermometers, temperature switches, thermostats, etc.) and the reference temperature measuring instrument (installed in the calibrator or external reference) are both subjected to test temperatures. The measured values of the reference are compared with the values of the test item. In this way, a statement can be made not only about the function of the test item, but also about the measurement accuracy or the measured value deviation of the test item.

Please note that the specifications regarding radial and axial temperature uniformity given in the respective technical data refer to specific immersion depths and do not necessarily apply to all immersion depths in every case. The temperature range specifications apply at an ambient temperature of +20°C.

The LR-Cal metal block temperature calibrators have an internal (built-in) reference. If its accuracy is not sufficient, an external reference (without or with its own display) can be used.

The LR-Cal metal block temperature calibrators (with the exception of the compact PYROS devices) are each available in two different versions. A basic version, as well as a version "-2I" with integrated measuring inputs for two temperature sensors (Pt 100 or thermocouple), e.g. an external reference sensor and a test item, or two test items. In this version, all three temperatures are displayed simultaneously: the measured value of the reference integrated in the calibrator and the measured values of the two externally connected sensors.

Furthermore, the LR-Cal AQ2sp2 PC software is available as an option for the LR-Cal metal block temperature calibrators. This allows the calibrator to be completely controlled from the PC via its serial interface, manual or automatic calibration of one or more DUTs, load and life tests, thermostat tests, as well as the generation of calibration certificates.


Metal block temperature calibrators are also referred to as

  • Dry block calibrator
  • Dry well calibrator
  • Calibration furnace
  • Temperature calibrator
  • Temperature calibration device
  • Temperature calibration furnace