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Calibration laboratories and quality assurance

All branches of industry place the highest demands on process-relevant measuring equipment in order to ensure the quality and safety of machines, plants, equipment and users. Since measuring devices are exposed to a wide variety of influences such as heat, warmth, cold, vibrations, pulsating pressures or aggressive media, depending on the application, we recommend an annual check and recalibration. For this purpose, we offer particularly well-suited devices and systems, namely for the physical measurands

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Torque
  • Force

Our test and calibration devices are not only suitable for use in the laboratory, but (depending on the model) also portable on site, directly at the measuring point. Since the ambient conditions have to be documented during a calibration, we also offer correspondingly particularly well-suited data loggers for ambient temperature, relative humidity and barometric air pressure (e.g. required for calculating the air density).

We will be happy to work with you to determine the optimum measuring, testing and calibration technology for your specific requirements.

For calibration laboratories and quality assurance we recommend the following products: