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Food industry

The industrial production of food requires the highest hygiene and safety standards. Protection against the formation of germs and bacteria is elementary in the production of foodstuffs in order to guarantee a smooth and contamination-free production process. To ensure this, our measuring, testing and calibration devices (model-dependent) meet the respective requirements in terms of material, process safety, contamination protection and process connection techniques.

We will be happy to work with you to determine the optimum measuring, testing and calibration technology for your specific requirements.

To meet these high standards, our equipment can be supplied with the following approvals, among others:

  • FDA (Food & Drug Administration)
  • ATEX (Intrinsic safety in potentially explosive atmospheres)

To ensure safety and hygienic requirements, we also supply our equipment with the following process connections, among others:

  • Stainless steel threaded connections
  • Clamp connections
  • VARIVENT connection
  • Threaded connections with front-flush diaphragm

For the food industry we recommend the following products: