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Product range:

Data aquisition
Data logger

  • Electronic data logger

  • Mechanical line strip recorders

Data logger LDL 540 + LDL 550

LDL 540 + LDL 550
Extremely robust, for external sensors for
• temperature
• process pressure
• Pulse
• Digital
• standard signals
PC interface incl. cable
Incl. Windows PC software

Data logger LDL 650

LDL 650
Graphic display
2 alarm contacts
For external sensors
1, 4 or 8 analog channels
• Temperature Pt 100, Pt 500, Pt 1000
• standard signals
• Digital
RS485 interface, Modbus RTU
Incl. Windows PC software

Data logger LDL 700

LDL 700
Multi-channel process value display TFT
with switching and analog outputs
Option: with data logger
8 integrated PD/PI/PID controllers
RS-485 interface, Modbus RTU
USB host port + USB device port
Assignment of max. 60 channels by inputs, outputs, mathematical/logical functions, controllers, profiles and virtual outputs

Line strip recorder BS

Mechanical line strip (chart) recorder
for pressure and/or temperature
Writing width 100 or 120 mm
Various feed speeds
Also as double recorder
Portable (with handle) or for installation (panel mounting)