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NEW products from DRUCK & TEMPERATUR Leitenberger - GERMANY

New products from DRUCK & TEMPERATUR Leitenberger

Temperature sensors + temperature transmitters
Level switches + level probes + level devices

Ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industry

Process instruments in the food and pharmaceutical industries must meet special hygiene requirements. Our new modular temperature and level sensors (resistance thermometers, temperature transmitters, with digital display if required, level switches and level probes) are optimized for food-safe materials and for hygienic installation. (EHEDG-compliant, FDA-compliant). With their aseptic process connections, together with the weld-in sockets and process connections, they offer all the prerequisites for safe, simple and fast installation as well as reliable use and simple cleaning.

Level probes for the food and pharmaceutical industry
Temperature sensors for the food and pharmaceutical industries
Temperature sensors for the food and pharmaceutical industries

Electric pressure test pump


The LR-Cal LAP-P pressure comparison test pump is an electric pump for generating test and calibration pressures for pressure comparison tests.

The device can generate both positive overpressure (up to +25 bar) and negative overpressure (vacuum, up to -0.9 bar).

The fine adjustment of the desired test pressure is done manually with a very sensitive fine adjustment valve.

If the pressure gauge to be tested and a sufficiently accurate reference gauge (pressure calibrator) are connected to the LR-Cal LAP-P electric calibration test pump, the same pressure acts on both gauges when the pump is activated. By comparing the two measured values at any pressure value, the accuracy or adjustment of the test item can be checked.

LR-Cal LAP-P elektrische Druckvergleichsprüfpumpe
Elektrische Druckvergleichsprüfpumpe LR-Cal LAP-P

Pressure transmitter for hydrogen

For applications with hydrogen, materials are used that minimize or prevent hydrogen embrittlement due to their chemical properties.

Pressure transmitter LPT 336
Pressure transmitter

0...16 bar to 0...1.000 bar
±0.5% FS
Wetted parts made of special stainless steel
Insensitive to pressure peaks
High overload capacity
Free of oil and grease

For hydrogen, technical gases and oxygen

Pressure transmitter LPT 333P
Pressure transmitter

0...60 bar to 0...600 bar
±0.25% FS / ±0.35% FS
Optional gold-plated pressure connection
Flush diaphragm

For hydrogen, viscous and pasty media

We will be happy to advise you on which solutions are suitable for your application.