Pressure Transmitter from  DRUCK & TEMPERATUR Leitenberger GmbH - GERMANYPressure Transmitter

  • For gauge pressure, vacuum and absolute pressure measurement
  • Pressure ranges 0...10 mbar to 0...6000 bar
  • Differential pressure transmitter 0...1 mbar to 70 bar
  • Plug-on displays, field displays
  • Pressure digital: with RS485 Modbus RTU protocol or IO Link interfase
  • Pressure analogue: with analogue output signal (e.g. current or voltage)
  • Differential pressure: for direct measurement of differential pressures
  • Displays: digital displays as addon

Based on different sensor technologies, combined with housing materials of stainless steel and various plastics, the industrial pressure transmitters are suitable for almost all industrial gases and fluids.

Our industrial pressure transmitter may be adapted to almost any application due to a variety of electrical and mechanical connections.

Accuracy values in below table according to IEC 60770.

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