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pressure calibration kits


The portable pressure calibration cases LR-Cal LPP-KIT contain calibration pressure source, reference and accessories (adapters/seals) in a sturdy case.


Schematic: Composition of a pressure calibration case LR-Cal LPP-KIT

The individual types of the LR-Cal LPP-KIT pressure calibration case differ essentially in the reference pressure measuring device / pressure calibrator used with regard to functional scope and measuring accuracy.

There are three variants per type:

  1. with pneumatic pressure test pump LR-Cal LPP 40
  2. with LR-Cal LPP 700 or LR-Cal LPP 1000 hydraulic pressure test pump
  3. Combi-case with two pressure test pumps (1 x pneumatic + 1 x hydraulic) and two reference pressure gauges / calibrators (or sensors) cover a particularly wide measuring range span