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pressure calibrators


Electronic pressure calibrators serve as portable high-precision reference measuring devices for the calibration of pressure measuring instruments by means of comparison measurements. They have different functions, accuracies and pressure measurement ranges.

  • Electronic pressure calibrators are working standards for testing, adjusting and calibrating all types of pressure measuring instruments.

  • Documenting process calibrators also record current and voltage and store the calibration data of the units under test.

  • Some pressure calibrators have a data logger function and/or recording (measurement) of the medium temperature.

  • Measurement of pressure, negative pressure (vacuum) , compound ranges and absolute pressure

Application of pressure calibrators

The LR-Cal pressure calibrators and reference pressure gauges serve as a working standard for checking, adjusting and calibrating mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments by comparison measurement. In addition, a calibration pressure source is still required, e.g. LR-Cal pressure test pumps or LR-Cal pressure comparison test pumps. The pressure tests or calibrations can be carried out on a mobile basis, on site at the measuring point, or stationary in the laboratory or in the workshop.

If the gauge under test and an LR-Cal pressure calibrator are connected to an LR-Cal calibration pressure source, the same pressure is applied to both gauges when the pump is actuated. By comparing the two readings at any pressure values, a check of the accuracy or an adjustment of the pressure gauge under test can be made.

There are other words (synonyms) for pressure calibrator that usually have the same meaning as "pressure calibrator":

  • Process calibrator
  • Pressure calibration device
  • Calibrator for pressure
  • Reference pressure gauge
  • Reference device
  • Calibration standard
  • Working standard
  • Digital pressure measuring device
  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Digital test pressure gauge