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LR-Cal LDM 70-E25
Reference digital pressure gauge
Accuracy ±0.125% BFSL, pressure ranges up to 600 bar

LR-Cal LDM 70-E25 digital pressure gauge
  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Accuracy ±0.125% BFSL
  • 0...100 mbar to 0...600 bar
  • Display rotatable
  • Battery operated (2 x ½-AA)
LR-Cal LDM 70-E25 in carrying case

LR-Cal LDM 70-E25 in case
(with LR-Cal LPP 40 pressure test pump)

LR-Cal LDM 70-E25 options + spare parts

Absolute pressure range

Code: LDM70-MP-ABS

Option (surcharge):
Absolute pressure measurement
(instead of relative pressure)
Only available for correspondingly marked measuring ranges.

Free of oil and grease

Artikel-Nr.: LDM70-E25-MP-OX1

Option (surcharge):
Cleaned free of oil and grease
but NOT suitable for oxygen!

Factory certificate


Option (surcharge):
Factory calibration certificate (traceable)
Can only be ordered together with new instrument.
11 test points (incl. zero point)
(Measuring range 600 bar: 5 test points)

Spare batteries

Code: LDM70-BAT

Spare part:
Battery ½-AA, 3.6 volt, lithium

For one LR-Cal LDM 70-E25 device 2 pieces are needed.