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test pumps


Pressure test pumps serve as a portable manual test pressure source for the calibration of pressure measuring instruments by means of comparative measurements

  • Simple manual operation

  • Pneumatic (with ambient air)

  • Hydraulic (with oil or water)

  • Simple and sensitive test pressure adjustment via built-in fine adjustment valve

  • Including connection for reference device and connection (via hose) for test item

Application of the pressure test pumps

The LR-Cal pressure test pumps are used to generate pressure for checking, adjusting and calibrating mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments by comparative measurement. These pressure tests can be performed on a mobile basis, on site at the measuring point, or stationary in the laboratory or workshop.

If the measuring instrument to be tested and a sufficiently accurate reference measuring instrument are connected to a LR-Cal pressure test pump, the same pressure acts on both measuring instruments when the pump is actuated. By comparing the two measured values at any pressure values, a check of the accuracy or an adjustment of the pressure gauge to be tested can be made.

Despite their very compact dimensions, the LR-Cal manual test pumps enable simple and accurate test pressure generation. For precise adjustment for accurate comparison testing, the LR-Cal calibration hand test pumps have a fine adjustment valve.

We manufacture all LR-Cal pressure test pumps exclusively at our site in Baden-Württemberg (South of Germany), as well as components and individual parts.

All LR-Cal pressure hand test pumps are 100% performance and leak tested before leaving our factory.

Calibration hand test pumps are also referred to as

  • Check pump
  • Test pump
  • Calibration pump
  • Hand pump
  • Pressure pump
  • Vacuum pump
  • Pressure test pump
  • Vacuum test pump

Impressions from the production of a LR-Cal pressure test pump

From raw material to finished product.