LLR-Cal Pressure Calibration Kits LPP-KIT from  DRUCK & TEMPERATUR Leitenberger GmbH - GERMANYPressure Calibration Kits LR-Cal LPP-KIT

Pressure source (test pump) and reference pressure gauge / calibrator in portable case.

Content of pressure calibration kits LR-Cal LPP-KIT:

  • Pressure test pump
  • Reference pressure gauge or pressure calibrator (standard)
  • Set of threaded adapters
  • Rigid transit case with custom foams

The portable pressure calibration kits LR-Cal LPP-KIT allow a comfortable, efficient and very accurate testing, adjusting and calibrating of pressure measuring devices in the field, as well as in laboratories and workshops.

Components of LR-Cal LPP-KIT pressure calibration kits

The models differ in functionality and accuracy of the reference pressure gauge / pressure calibrator wihin the kit.

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