LR-Cal PULSAR-80Cu Metal dry block temperature calibrator

Dry well Temperature calibrator

Model LR-Cal PULSAR-80Cu

Range +20°C...+550°C

The LR-Cal PULSAR-80Cu dry well (metal block) temperature calibrator is a compact instrument used to calibrate temperature probes, thermometers, thermostats and temperature mesuring sensors. The considerable size makes it suitable for calibrations of probes with large insertion lengths.

The LR-Cal PULSAR-80Cu temperature calibrator consists of a metal block (well, 80 mm diameter x 300 mm depth) heated by a resistance which winds around the outer surface of the block. A hole with 60 mm diameter and 275 mm depth is made in the block for the apprpriate reduction inserts.

The LR-Cal PULSAR-80Cu is equipped with a counter-current forced air cooling system which keeps the temperature at the upper part of the well low. This system enables to check even very short probes, without heating the connecting head or the handgrip.
The instrument is equipped with a PID microprocessor controller with a resolution up to 0.01°C, allowing the setting of the standard of measurement to °C, °F or K and programming of ascent or descent ramps, and storage of thermostats' operative temperature.

  • Operative temperature range: ambient temperature up to 550°C
  • Insertion depth for units under test 275 mm
  • Ramp functions
  • Thermostat tests
  • Computer aided calibration via RS232 interface
  • Reduction inserts with customizable holes available

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