LR-Cal LFC 80 Torque Calibrator

Torque Meter (bench type)

Model LR-Cal LFC 80

for test and calibration purposes

  • Ranges from 0...0.5 Nm to 0...2000 Nm
  • You can select from 9 torque measuring units
  • Accuracy ±0.20% FS
  • Incl. ACCREDIA (DAkkS) certificate from 1/10 of range for clockwise direction,
    Total uncertainty <=1% FS
  • Optional additional ACCREDIA (DAkkS) Zertifikat for counter-clockwise direction
  • PEAK function for exact detection of the "snap-point"
    (clockwise and counter-clockwise direction)
  • Programmiable "First PEAK" Funktion, makes calibration more easy
  • Optional: with data logging functionality

Tel. +49 (0) 7121-90920-0