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Pressure controller


Pressure controllers are calibration pressure source and high-precision reference in one device. Pressures are automatically generated and controlled according to specification.

  • Automatic generation of test pressures (positive and negative overpressure
    (pressure + vacuum)

  • The pressure controllers have an integrated pressure generation system. The desired test pressures are automatically approached at the push of a button and adjusted with high precision.

  • An integrated precision reference sensor enables comparative calibrations and adjustments to the test specimens. Even more complex calibration sequences can be predefined and then automatically processed.

Background information on pressure controllers

Pressure controllers feature a high-precision pressure sensor that is linearized and temperature-compensated as far as possible. A desired pressure is entered via a keyboard or a connected computer and the pressure controller generates and adjusts it quickly and stably.

Due to the possibility of performing several measurement cycles automatically, pressure controllers can contribute to the automation of calibration processes.