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Diagnostic equipment and cases for testing hydraulic and working hydraulic applications

  • Diagnostic device pressure + flow + temperature

  • Hydraulic test case

  • Hydraulic test case for working hydraulics

  • Digital pressure gauge without and with USB interface

  • Pneumatic test cases (test kits)

Hydraulic diagnostic device HD 01

HD 01 Hydraulic diagnostic device
Pressure + Flow + Temperature
0...250 bar + 7,5...78 l/min + 0...125°C
0...400 bar + 15...300 l/min + 0...125°C
0...400 bar + 40...600 l/min + 0...125°C
2 measuring channels, 3 quantities per channel
USB interface for data recording

Hydraulic test case HPK(D)

HPKD + HPK Hydraulic test kit
25 / 100 / 400 / 600 bar
1-3 digital manometers or
1-3 analog pressure gauges
Hoses and adapters
Fast and reliable testing of hydraulic systems

Hydraulic test case HPKD-AH for working hydraulics

HPKD-AH Working hydraulics test case, 600 bar
2 digital pressure gauges
Hoses and adapters
Testing of working hydraulics systems, e.g. hydraulic auxiliary drives on construction machinery, Unimog, agriculture and forestry


TESTKIT-DM80 Pneumatic test case
-0,95...+40 bar incl. calibration pump
with DM 80 digital manometer
or DM 80-UMS with data logger/USB
test hose, thread adapter

Digital pressure gauge DM 80-UMS with USB interface

DM 80-UMS Digital pressure gauge
-1...+16 to 0...1,000 bar
Accuracy ±0.25% BFSL
Measured value memory
USB interface, datalogger 6 GB
Power supply: built-in Li-Ion battery

Digital pressure gauge DM 80

DM 80 Digital pressure gauge
-50...+50 mbar to 0...2,500 bar
Accuracy ±0.25% BFSL
Supply: 2 batteries AA

Digital pressure gauge DM 80-S

DM 80-S Digital pressure gauge
-1...+3 to 0...60 bar
Accuracy ±0.5% FS
Power supply: Battery
Low cost version