Cryostatic temperature calibration bath LR-Cal TB 300-M

Stationary cryostatic Temperature calibration bath

Model LR-Cal TB 300-M

Range +50°C...+300°C


  • Control calibration of temperature sensors in laboratory, in conformity with ISO 9000 standards
  • Control of thermostats
  • Automatic computer-controlled calibrations

The cryostatic temperature calibration bath LR-Cal TB 300-M is an instrument used to calibrate transducers, RTDs and temperature measuring sensors in the laboratory. The possibility to generate positive and negative temperature ramps makes it suitable for use in calibrating and testing thermostats.

The bath consists of a stainless stell tank with a capacity of 10 litres. The useful height is 340 mm and diameter 85 mm. The bath is equipped with a stainless steel mixer with electrical motor power, a safety thermostat, drain cock and overflow drain pipe.

The LR-Cal TB 300-M is equipped with a PID microprocessor controller with a resolution up to 0.01°C and allows the setting of the standard temperature unit in °C, °F and K. Programming of ascent/descent ramps and storage of the thermostat's operative temperature.

Furthermore, the LR-Cal TB 300-M is equipped with a RS232 serial interface. It can operate in automatic mode conneced to the PC by means of the optional LR-Cal AQ2Sp software which enables to carry out probe calibrations and cyclical life tests. The Test results can be stored and printed, so they are easily traceable with ISO 9000 standards.

Optional the LR-Cal TB 300-M can be equipped with a fluid level adapter. The fluid level adapter slides directly into the test wells of the instrument is desibned for customers that need to calibrate glass thermometers. The fluid level adapter creates a positive bath fluid surface. The bath fluid is pumped up through the test well to the surface of the bath and kept there. In relation to the liquid viscosity the operator can regulate the level rotating the adapter tube. The clear adapter cover protects the bath fluid from ambient temperature effects for better bath stability. The cover can be drilled for any size probe.

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