LR-Cal FLUID 100-N Micro Bath for Temperature Calibration

Portable Temperature Calibration Liquid Micro Bath

Model LR-Cal FLUID 100-N

Temperature range -18°C...+140°C (at +20°C ambient temperature)

The LR-Cal FLUID 100-N is a portable stirred liquid bath (temperature calibrator, micro bath). The instrument is suitable for calibrating temperature sensors and thermometers of all sizes, diameters and shapes, without the need of specifically drilled blocks. The calibration baths are perfect for checking and calibration of glass thermometers.

  • Large calibration volume 500 cm³
  • Auto Ramp function, programmable
  • Auto Step function, programmable
  • Computer aided calibration via computer interface and optional PC software LR-Cal AQ2sp
  • Switch test functionality
  • Optional dry block and black body inserts available


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