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LR-Cal FLUID 100-N
LR-Cal FLUID 100-N-2I
Portable temperature calibration bath

LR-Cal FLUID 100-N temperature micro bath
  • Portable micro bath
  • Temperature range -18°C...+140°C
  • Accuracy ±0.15°C, stability ±0.02°C
  • Calibration bath volume approx. 500 cm³
    (60 mm diameter, 170 mm depth)
  • Option: Dry block inserts, Black Body insert
Micro bath LR-Cal FLUID 100-N with fixing elements

LR-Cal FLUID 100-N
with holder for reference and test specimens

Scheme micro bath reservoir LR-Cal FLUID 100-N

LR-Cal FLUID 100-N
Scheme: Calibration bath tank

LR-Cal FLUID 100-N options + accessories



DAkkS certification

For the measuring chain consisting of display of the calibrator and internal reference sensor, 6 measuring points.


Code: 599.0.000.0003.0

Windows-PC software Aq2Sp
incl. RS232 connection cable

(Delivery as password protected download link)

RS232 - USB

Code: RS232-USB-KONV

Interface converter RS232 to USB

Extension tube

Code: FLUID100-ER

Extension tube
to increase the immersion depth
Total length 250 mm
Usable immersion depth 230 mm
Minimum temperature -9°C
Horizontal temperature uniformity ±0.1°C (measured 50 mm from the bottom)
Vertical temperature uniformity ±0.1°C (or ±0.15°C for temperatures below 0°C, measured 0...150 mm above the floor

When used with silicone oil 200C5:
Working range -9...+130°C

Cooling coil

Code: FLUID200-KS

Stainless steel cooling coil

The cooling coil shortens the cooling time, and it can also shift the start of the working range of the calibrator downwards (but above 0°C). Requires fresh water connection.

Dry block insert
with 9 holes


Dry block insert with 9 holes

4.0+4.0+4.5+5.5+6.5+6.5+8.5+10.5+12.5 mm

Dry block insert
without holes


Dry block insert without holes

for self drilling

Sturdy case


Sturdy case made of aluminum with molded foam inserts.

Dimensions: 450 x 280 x 380 mm
Weight: 4.8 kg
Shipping dimensions: 600 x 370 x 500 mm

Soft bag
with shoulder trap


Spare part:
Carrying bag with shoulder strap

Dimensions: 410 x 220 x 380 mm
Weight: 1.45 kg
Shipping dimensions: 600 x 370 x 500 mm

(1 bag is included in the delivery of the calibrator)

Silicone oil

Code: FL100-FLUID-200C5

Bottle with calibration medium
500 cm³
Silicone oil 200C5
for range -40...+130°C

Silicone oil

Code: FL100-FLUID-47V10

Spare part:
Bottle with calibration medium
500 cm³
Silicone oil 47V10
for range -30...+150°C

(1 bottle included in the scope of delivery of the calibrator)

Information about operating fluids for temperature calibration baths

Calibration liquids for LR-Cal temperature calibration baths

Basically, temperature calibration baths can be filled with three types of calibration media:

  • Media that are in a liquid state at ambient temperature, e.g. oils, alcohol and water/alcohol mixtures.
  • Two-phase media which become liquid at the intended temperature application range of the calibrator. These are usually mixtures of potassium and sodium salts which are powdery at ambient temperature and become liquid at temperatures between 150°C and 500°C. They are used exclusively in calibration baths specially suited for this purpose.
  • Other solid substances which under certain circumstances or temperatures reach a state similar to a liquid medium, e.g. sand or aluminum powder with extremely fine grain/granularity.

DRUCK & TEMPERATUR Leitenberger GmbH does not use two-phase media for the calibration bath inserts, although their temperature range is very high.
This is because such media can be very dangerous for the user and even cause explosions.

DRUCK & TEMPERATUR Leitenberger GmbH also does not manufacture calibration bath inserts suitable for use with solid substances, e.g. aluminum powder.
This is because it is not possible to prevent 100% that corresponding powder particles get into the environment during operation of the calibrator. These media are not environmentally compatible.

The calibration media sold by DRUCK & TEMPERATUR Leitenberger GmbH for calibration bath inserts are therefore exclusively silicone oils (or glycol-water mixture.

Temperature application ranges of the various operating fluids:

Type of calibration medium (liquid) Possible field of application
Temperature above which an extraction system should be provided
Smoke flash point
A viscosity of 10 cst exists at a temperature of
Freezing temperature
Glycol 56% + water -40...+90°C +70°C >110°C  +20°C -43°C
Silicone oil 200C5 -40...+130°C +110°C +136°C  +5°C  -65°C
Silicone oil 47V10 -30...+150°C +120°C +150°C  +20°C  -65°C
Silicone oil 47V20 -20...+200°C +130°C +230°C  +60°C  -60°C
Silicone oil 47V50 +30...+250°C +140°C +280°C  +160°C  -55°C
Silicone oil 47V100 +50...+270°C +170°C >300°C  +200°C  -55°C
Silicone oil 47V710 +80...+280°C +200°C >300°C  +150°C  -22°C
(1) The "possible range of use" describes the theoretical usability of the medium. However, the viscosity may be unfavorable for practical use as a calibration medium, especially in the lower part of the application range.
(2) At temperatures higher than those specified, the calibrator should be placed under an exhaust system, as a not inconsiderable amount of smoke may be generated.
(3) Above the specified temperatures, the smoke ignites (CAUTION: open fire!).
(4) Below the specified temperatures, the viscosity of the medium is particularly unfavorable. The viscosity value decreases as the temperature increases. For information: the viscosity of water at 23°C is 1 cst.
(5) Below the specified temperature, the respective medium becomes solid and thus completely unsuitable.

The calibration media are subject to wear (degeneration), which is greater the more often and longer they have been exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, avoid unnecessarily high temperatures over an unnecessarily long period of time.