LR-Cal LTC 100 Multifunction temperature calibrator

Portable Multifunction Temperatur Calibrator

Model LR-Cal LTC 100

The multifunctional Temperature Calibrator LR-Cal  LTC 100 is a high-precision, hand-held calibrator for the calibration and troubleshooting of process control instrumentation.

  • Measuring of Thermocouples, Resistances, Resistance Temperature Detectors RTD, mA, mV and circuit continuity
  • Soursing of Thermocouples, Resistances, RTDs, ma and mV
  • Dual display enables simultaneous input and output view
  • Internal 24V loop supply to power transmitters and measure mA during tests
  • Selectable Step- and Ramp functions
  • Data logging via supplied SD memory card
  • USB interface
  • Powered by chargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Graphically trend display

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