LR-Cal LDW-H hydraulic deadweight tester / pressure balance

Deadweight Tester / Pressure Balance

Model LR-Cal LDW-H

Hydraulic, max. 1400 bar (20000 psi)

Deadweight Tester (Pressure Balance, Primary Standard for Pressure), single-piston and double-piston versions, hydraulic, pressure ranges from 1...120 bar to 1...1,400 bar and 10...1,600 psi to 10...20,000 psi.
Accuracy (measurement uncertainty) to  ±0.006% or to ±0.015% of measured value.


  • Primary standard for defining the pressure scale in a range up to 1,400 bar hydraulic
  • Reference instrument for calibration laboratories and factory for the testing, adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring instruments
  • Complete, stand-alone system, also suitable for on-site use

Special features:

  • Total measurement uncertainty to 0.006% of measured value
  • Dual-range piston-cylinder system with fully automated changing between ranges
  • Factory calibration includes traceability to national standars, as standard. Optional with UKAS or DKD/DAkkS calibration
  • High long-term stability with recommended recalibration cycle every 5 years
  • Fast and safe replacement of the piston-cylinder system via quick-release system as an option

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