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Accessories for pressure measuring instruments from DRUCK & TEMPERATUR Leitenberger GmbH - GERMANYAccessories for pressure measuring instruments

We offer large number of accessories for pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and pressure switches:

  • Pressure gauge Valves
  • Pressure gauge Cocks
  • Syphons
  • Overpressure protection devices
  • Rubber protection caps
  • Threaded adapters
  • Gaskets
  • Cooling tower
Pressure gauge ValvesPressure gauge Valves
as per or similar to DIN 16270, DIN 16271 and DIN 16272
optional DVGW tested
without or with test stud or test flange
also models with 1/4" BSP or 1/2" NPT threads
in brass, steel or stainless steel
Datasheet pressure gauge valves
Manometer-AbsperrhähnePressure gauge Cocks
as per or similar to DIN 16260, DIN 16261, DIN 16262 and DIN 16263
male/female (adjusting nut), male/female, female/female, male/female (swivel nut)
in brass, steel or stainless steel
Datasheet pressure gauge cocks
as per DIN 16282 or to industrial standards
in steel or stainless steel, optional in Monel.
Syphons protect pressure measuring instruments from pulsations in the medium and from excessive heating.
U-form syphons are intended for horizontal pressure tapping. Trumpet-form syphons are intended for vertical pressure tapping.
Inside the syphon, condensate is collected, which prevents the ingress of hot media into the measuring instrument. We recommend filling the syphon with a cooling separating liquid (e.g. water) before commissioning the pressure line.
Datasheet syphons
Überdruckschutzvorrichtung - ÜberlastschutzvorrichtungOverpressure protection device
Type 3.22, adjustable, for pressure measuring instruments
Overpressure protectors are intended to protect the pressure gauge against the effect of pressure that exceed the maximum pressure rating of the pressure gauge. Next to providing protection at faulty process conditions, the overpressure protector may also be used to isolate low pressure indicators at a system that requires to alternatively read very low and rather high pressures.
Datasheet overpressure protection devices
GummischutzkappenRubber protection caps
for pressure gauges (DS 63, DS 80 and DS 100, others on request)
For radial and back entry pressure gauges
Rubber caps must be fitted prior to assembly of the pressure gauge. They protect pressure gauges against shocks, impacts, corrosion and atmospheric influences.
Datasheet rubber protection caps for pressure gauges
Gewindeadapter - ReduzierverschraubungThreaded adapters
in brass or stainless steel
With sealing stud (for profile gaskets) or self sealing
Datasheet threaded adapters for pressure reading instruments
Dichtungen - Dichtscheiben - ProfildichtringeGaskets for pressure measuring instruments
Profil-gaskets, flat gaskets
in copper, aluminium, PTFE or NP uni
Datasheet for gaskets for pressure measuring instruments
KühlstreckeCooling Tower
in stainless steel, for pressure measuring instruments
Max. 400 bar. Max. 250°C.
Due to circulating ambient air and thermal radiation, the cooling element leads to cooling and smaller heating up of the pressure media in and at the pressure instrument.
Datasheet cooling tower for pressure reading instruments

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