LR-Cal CPB5000-HP deadweight tester for very high pressure

Deadweight Tester / High Pressure Balance

Model LR-Cal CPB5000-HP

Hydraulic, max. 5000 bar (70000 psi)

Deadweight Tester (Pressure Balance, Primary Pressure Standard),
hydraulic, Ranges from 25...2,500 bar to 25...5,000 bar and 350...40,000 psi to 350...70,000 psi
or with dual piston system with range 1...2,600 bar / 10...40,000 psi.
Accuracy (measurement uncertainty) ±0.020% or ±0.025% of measured value.


  • Reference instrument for the calibration of pressure measuring instruments
  • Primary pressure standard for calibration laboratories and factory, for the testing, adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring instruments, for defining the pressure scale in a range up to 5,000 bar
  • Complete stand-alone system, also suitable for on-site use


  • Total measurement uncertainty to 0.02% of measured value
  • Range 2,600 bar with dual-range piston-cylinder system with fully automated changing between ranges
  • Including factory calibration certificate; DAkkS certificate as option
  • High long-term stability with recommended recalibration cycle every 5 years
  • Masses made from stainless steel and aluminium, can be manufactured to local gravity

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